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Morris R. Shechtman

Working Without a Net: How to Survive & Thrive in Today's High Risk Business World

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ISBN: 0671535811
Издательство: Pocket Books
In response to the fundamental changes sweeping corporate America, Morris Shechtman presents a cutting-edge management philosophy that challenges unrealistic, outdated approaches. Shechtman, a former university professor and psychotherapist, teaches the essential skills for adapting to a rapidly expanding corporate culture -- or any organization or situation where structure and vision are needed. No matter what your goals, here are the new rules of business that will help you generate success, including: * Growth strategies that help you establish your independence from external forces and foster strength from within * Powerful exercises that sharpen decision-making, relationship-building, risk-taking, and other critical abilities * Steps for processing -- not denying -- the inevitable anger and disappointment that follow organizational change * Six paradigms on professional attitudes, personal goals, and overall world views, and the interplay of personal values...