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Matthew Edlund

The Body Clock Advantage: Finding Your Best Time of Day to Succeed In: Love, Work, Play, Exercise

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ISBN: 1580627897
Издательство: Adams Media Corporation
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionTime rules life. Now you can make time work for you. Your body clock affects everything you do?your work performance, your health, even your love life. Are you a night Owl, a person who cringes at the light of morning? Or are you a morning Lark, who hits your full stride early only to crave sleep just as your Owl friends begin their night? When you understand how your own unique "body clock" works, you can achieve optimal results in every activity?whether it?s losing weight, playing sports, starting a new job, or bringing back romance. In The Body Clock Advantage, author Matthew Edlund, M.D., ?one of the world?s foremost authorities on how to use your body?s inner timing to get the most out of life? offers exciting new research and techniques to help you maximize your personal body clock. With the help of a few cutting-edge techniques ("Your Biological Time Test" and "How to Change Your Biological Time Clock"),...
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