Обложка книги The WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Brand Management

The WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Brand Management

ISBN: 1582072744;
Издательство: Wetfeet.Com

Book DescriptionFrom Milk-Bone to Cocoa Puffs to Colgate With Tartar Control, there are more products in the marketplace than men with goatees, and thus the need for individuals to manage these assets. If you're a marketing whiz considering employment opportunities, chances are that you've been visited by the spirit of brand management in some form. Otherwise known as product management, the basic idea is that a team of people are the shepherds of a particular product and are responsible for its performance. The job goes beyond creating the product's image ("branding") in consumers' minds by, for instance, overseeing implementation of a new package design or advertising execution. Whether it's managing a spending budget or convincing upper management to increase a package size to boost sales, everything you do is intended to sell more units, thus making more moolah for the company and putting smiles on those shareholders' faces. You'll learn about the following topics: ...