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David Cordell

Fire Me, Please! 101 Ways to Get Fired from Your Miserable Job

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ISBN: 0975400606
Издательство: Dreamcan Books
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThe only book your boss doesn't want you to read! Are you miserable at work? Do you cringe at even the thought of stepping into your cubicle? Do you daydream ways of getting fired? Fire Me, Please! 101 Ways to get Fired from your Miserable Job, is the only book that explores some of the most hilarious ways to get fired from your miserable job. From a naked car wash to entering the company car in a crash-up derby. You'll swear that getting fired was never this funny. Take this job andshove it, is what a lot of employees would like to say to their employers, but seldom do. Instead they wait to either be laid off, fired, let go or downsized. Popular reality shows have made getting fired the new "IT" thing to happen. Instead of waiting for your pink slip, why not take matters into your own hands. Get fired the best way possible, with the new book Fire Me, Please! 101 Ways to get Fired from your Miserable Job. No matter what field you're in, from a drive-thru to...
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