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Irv Zuckerman

Guide for the Pissed-Off Job-Seeker : Angry? Good! Use That Anger to Get Work!

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ISBN: 0595314775
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionIn Guide for the Pissed-Off Job-Seeker , Irv Zuckerman, author of the best-selling Hire Power , tells you how the job hunt is different after you are fired, and what to do to get work. For example: · The successful resume is different. It's no longer enough to tell what you've done. You've got to show that you can do what a specific employer wants done. But can you really get a potential employer to help you write your resume? Sure you can. The Guide shows how. · Ads and postings are different. Waiting for the right job listing is like waiting to win the lottery. But can you find the opening before it's even open so that you're the only one in line? Sure you can! The Guide shows how. · Interviews are different. 'Telling about yourself' is no longer enough. It's up to you to change the focus of the interview from what you've done to what the decision-maker wants done. But can you master the one question that...
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