Обложка книги Meditations for the Unemployed

Meditations for the Unemployed

ISBN: 059533069X;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book DescriptionWhether you are a first time job hunter or someone seeking re-employment, these meditations offer insight and inspiration. They convey hope and understanding from one who has shared your experience. Meditations for the Unemployed reaffirms the value of every person's struggle to find work. Its central theme is that the search for work can have life long significance that goes far beyond simply looking for a job. The spiritual dimension of the time between jobs is the author's main focus. If you don't give up, your jobless time can strengthen your relationship with God and lead to a deeper mission in life, the one that God has planned for you all along. The unemployed face many issues. Dick's book offers positive ideas forturning this challenging time into one of spiritual growth and opportunity. --Ron Snell, Homeless shelter Director These meditations are full of insightful wisdom. The author's experience allows him to speak with authority to...