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Peter Honig

The Art of Effective Interviewing : A How To, Step-by-Step Instruction Guide for the Job Seeker

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ISBN: 1413730167
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThere is plenty of literature available that focuses on how to write a resume. There is also an abundance of information available on how to answer the ?pat? interview questions. However ? until now ? it has been verydifficult to find one source that put the whole job search/interview process together in one compre-hensive, step-by-step guide. The Art of Effective Interviewing will teach you how to become more successful and help you secure your dream job. From start to finish (prospecting the right opportunity, surviving the phone interview, making an effective presentation, to winning the job offer and negotiating terms), this book will show you how to work your way through the process ? and the job search is just that ? a process. Within that process there are several steps and if you understand and control the process you are much more likely to win the job offer. Although the job search can be stressful and school doesn?t...
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