Обложка книги What Not To Do When Seeking Employment

What Not To Do When Seeking Employment

ISBN: 1418423491;
Издательство: Authorhouse

Book DescriptionIf you were born in the last century, it is probable that you have been unemployed, or will be unemployed, in your lifetime! Lots of experts have written books on how to conduct job searches. This is the first book that identifies what not to do when seeking employment. The author has shared his 40-year career experiences as a job-seeker and employer. The book reveals the unpublished realities of some small, medium and large organizations. Flip through the book. At the end of each chapteryou will find lists totaling over 180 "Don?ts" to avoid in a job search or in an under-employment situation. Topics include mindset, pressures, preparation, options, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing overview, telephone interviewing, in-person interviewing and a straight forward story of how the author?s real life experiences relate to his job-hunting advice.