Обложка книги Rehired, Not Retired : Proven Strategies for the Baby Boomers!

Rehired, Not Retired : Proven Strategies for the Baby Boomers!

ISBN: 0595673597;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book DescriptionThe current workforce demography and the emergent job market have put at risk millions of baby boomers? retirement prospects in the U.S. alone. This is now also a global problem. Many, who were anticipating joyous sunset years, have suddenly awakened to the dire future they now face. Since the job-market meltdown triggered in 2001, many have resigned to the idea that the emerging rules for success are beyond them. Regroup, conquer these rules, and learn how to: Reinvent yourself and reengage in ways that you thought out of reach Discover your genius and redefine your value proposition Uncover and then vanquish brand-new job challenges to vivify your everyday life Make your career immune from economic cycles Find meaning in your work and bring back joy that eluded you! Master the art of aligning your purpose with possibilities Retire the word ?retire? from your vocabulary and stop working for a living Eliminate stress...