Обложка книги Work Your Way Around the World, 13th

Work Your Way Around the World, 13th

ISBN: 1854583670;
Издательство: Vacation Work Publications
Страниц: 576

The thirteenth edition of the unique and acclaimed guide for the working traveller that explains how to find temporary work around the world not only in advance but also when on the spot while travelling. It incorporates hundreds of first-hand accounts from people who have actually done the jobs with a mass of hard factual information to offer authoritative advice on how to find work from selling ice cream in Cape town to working as a film extra in Bangkok. Work Your Way Around the World gives information on all the main areas of temporary work including the tourist industry, teaching English, childcare and voluntary work, business and industry, and in addition covers how to travel for free by land, sea and air, explains how to earn money by spotting some local opportunity and gives dates and details of harvests from Denmark to New Zealand. Includes a country-by-country guide to the opportunities to be found.

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