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Kathryn Petras, George Ross, Ross Petras, George Petras

Jobs '98 (Annual)

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ISBN: 0684818264
Издательство: Fireside Books
Whether you're actively looking for a new job, thinking of switching careers, or just starting out, Jobs 98 is the reference you need to read before starting your job hunt. An initial section gives job descriptions, qualifications, salarylevels, and 1998 outlooks for 15 different career areas, from accounting to journalism, while another forecasts industry trends for everything from aerospace to travel. The book's final chapters evaluate career opportunities by region, listing contact addresses for major employers in each of the 50 states. Jam-packed with up-to-the minute information, Jobs 98 provides access to more than 40 million different jobs, making it one of the most comprehensive guides of its kind. One quibble: the book could use another editing pass. But it you're looking for work and you don't mind stumbling over the occasional confusingly written sentence, Jobs 98 is an invaluable resource.
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