Обложка книги One Hundred Jobs: A Panorama of Work in the American City

One Hundred Jobs: A Panorama of Work in the American City


ISBN: 1565844300;
Издательство: New Press

A revealing, illustrated portrait of work in contemporary America. Using New York City as a microcosm of the American economy, One Hundred Jobs paints an original and revealing portrait of the American economy and work in America in all its differences and extremes. Veteran journalist Ron Howell has interviewed one hundred workers in New York City to find out what they do all day, how they do it, how they are compensated, and how they view their working lives. The portraits are accompanied by statistics,including salary, health-care benefits, average hours of work per week, and educational background, along with Pulitzer Prize-winner Ozier Muhammad's photographs of each employee's job site. From traffic "spotter" to lawyer to school teacher, from drug dealer to cardiologist to executive assistant, the profiles in One Hundred Jobs demonstrate the remarkable diversity of American cities today, highlighting differences in expectation and experience across the employment spectrum....