Обложка книги The Artisans and Guilds of France

The Artisans and Guilds of France

ISBN: 0810943905;
Издательство: Harry N Abrams

Founded in the Middle Ages, the craftsmen's guilds of France oversaw the stonecutters, plasterers, woodworkers, and other skilled artisans who built their country's great cathedrals, chteaux, and other monuments. Today, these ancient guilds have adapted yet continue to nurture a tradition of fine craftsmanship in many professions. Richly illustrated with hundreds of color photographs and illustrations, this unique book brings to life the history, traditions, and achievements of these remarkable organizations. Franois Icher, author of Abrams' popular Building the Great Cathedrals, examines the origins of the guilds and the rigors of apprenticeship, and profiles the 25 traditional crafts. He also takes readers along on a journeyman's "Tour de France," revealing the guilds' legacy of art, architecture, and craftsmanship in 16 cities from Chartres to Tours. 271 illustrations, 211 in full color, 9 3/4 x 12 1/4" FRANOIS ICHER, a scholar specializing in the guilds and craftsmen...