Обложка книги Graduating to the 9-5 World

Graduating to the 9-5 World

ISBN: 0942710509;
Издательство: Impact Publications

Congratulations! You've just received your diploma or degree after several years of hard work. You've acquired new skills and many fond student memories. Now it's on to a full-time job and a rewarding career. But wait a minute. Are you ready for what comes next? While you may have graduated from school, you have yet to graduate to the 9 - 5 world. If you are like many other graduates, you are about to encounter numerous 9 - 5 shocks. Many will be disappointments while others will be important career challenges. Graduating to the 9 - 5 World is every student's passport tot he realities of the work world. Former students, administrators, career professionals, and employers provide an insider's view of what it's really like working in a structured world where politics, productivity, and performance take center stage. Offering frank answers to numerous questions facing 9 - 5 rookies, they provide invaluable tips on how to best find, keep, and leave a job, from writing...