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Walter Anthony Dinteman

Zero Defect Hiring, Facilitator's Guide with 1 copy of PB & CD : A Guide to the Most Important Decisions Managers Have to Make

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ISBN: 0787964972, 9780787964979
Издательство: Pfeiffer
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionSelecting the right person for the right job is critical to the success of any organization. All too often, however, those who are charged with the task of hiring have little or no experience in the recruiting and hiring process. Based on the information outlined in the book Zero Defect Hiring: A Quick Guide to the Most Important Decisions Managers Have to Make , the Facilitator's Guide is designed to help you lead a group of new or mid-level managers who need either basic or refresher training in the best practices to follow to ensure a productive, error-free hiring process. The Facilitator's Guide includes a companion CD-ROM and PowerPoint slide presentation that will help you walk your participants through every step of this proven hiring method. Each chapter contains a statement of purpose, a process summary, a list of required materials, directions on how to present the content, discussion questions, and all the necessary handouts. ...
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