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Edward Erwin

A Final Accounting: Philosophical and Empirical Issues in Freudian Psychology

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ISBN: 0262050501, 9780262050500
Издательство: Bradford Book
Год издания: 1996
Страниц: 338
"Edward Erwin is the voice of reason itself. Cool, patient, and scrupulously fair, he weighs the strongest arguments and evidence favoring the claims of Freudian psychoanalysis. They amount to a handful of dust. And that result, Erwin shows, is unlikely to be altered by further studies. After Erwin, Freudianism stands in need not of more persuasive advocates but only of an epitaph." -- Frederick Crews, principal author, The Memory Wars: Freud's Legacy in Dispute More than a century has passed since Sigmund Freud began his groundbreaking work in psychoanalysis yet there is no consensus about his legacy; instead there is persistent disagreement not only about Freud's reputation and place in history but about the proper standards to use in evaluating his theory and therapy. This book develops epistemological standards for Freudian psychology and provides a comprehensive evaluation of, and possibly final, verdict on Freud's theory and therapy. Unlike any other evaluation...
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