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Carmen Raff, Miguel Sobrado, edited, Raff CARMEN, SOBRADO Miguel

A Future for the Excluded. Job creation and Income Generation by the Poor, Clodomir Santos the Morais and the Organization Workshop

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ISBN: 1856497038
Издательство: Zed Books
Clodomir Santos de Morais is to organizational and entrepreneurial literacy what his Brazilian confrere and one time fellow political prisoner, Paulo Freire, is to ordinary literacy. This book introduces for the first time in English the experiencesof grassroots development workers who have applied his ideas of the Organization Workshop (OW) and capacitation in highly diverse social settings. De Morais's methods of working with the most marginalized sectors of society are relevant not just to ThirdWorld countries, but also to the "economies in transition" of Eastern Europe and the most deprived areas of the industrialized countries.