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John L. Chan

China Streetsmart: What You MUST Know to be Effective and Profitable in China

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· OZON.ru 3741р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 0130474886
Learn how to set up and run profitable businesses in the most alluring market, China. Stays away from theories and focuses on practical advice from real professionals with proven results in China, which is easy to understand and follow. Learn from the best practices of effective China business executives. This book is written for professionals by professionals who have worked in China for decades. The book does not stress theory about how business should bedone but rather how business is done by some of the most successful business executives in China. The objective of the book is to pass on practical advice on how to be effective and more importantly, profitable in China. Almost every foreign company has made mistakes in China and it is the objective of the book to not only show new investors how past mistakes can be prevented but also to help those already in the market learn how other executives handle similar...
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