Обложка книги Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Embargo

Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Embargo

ISBN: 0312229658;
Издательство: Palgrave Macmillan

Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Embargo details and analyzes the effects of the U.S. embargo on Cuban society and the response of Cuba and its population to overcoming its consequences. Although the embargo disrupts and harms almost all aspects oflife, the book focuses on those sectors most affected. It is framed by the issue of human rights--from both the Cuban and the U.S. perspective--an ideological gulf which underpins the political differences that exist between the two countries and which raises the question of how extensively the implementation of the embargo violates the human rights of Cuba and its citizens. The political dynamic among Cuba, Europe and the U.S. is observed within the context of the embargo cum blockade along with the political outcome each struggled to reach.