Обложка книги Doing Business with Saudi Arabia (2nd Ed.)

Doing Business with Saudi Arabia (2nd Ed.)


ISBN: 0749437014;
Издательство: Kogan Page Ltd

Saudi Arabia now has a population of some 20 million and, with its Gulf Cooperation Council neighbors, provides a market of over 40 million. Despite recent events, the stability Saudi Arabia offers is a considerable attraction to potential investors in the region and the Government is firmly committed to revising its regulations to make them more attractive to overseas investors. The recent Foreign Investment Act now allows the foreign investor full ownership of their investment project, the right to own land and reduced taxes on corporate profits. In addition, a range of other benefits and incentives previously restricted to Saudi-owned organizations are now available. This second edition will provide businesses with the latest information on the country?s market, allied to expert analysis on matters critical to business success.

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