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Mohammad Alauddin, Mosharaff Hossain

Environment and Agriculture in a Developing Economy: Problems and Prospects for Bangladesh

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ISBN: 184064043X
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
This book comprehensively examines the performance of Bangladeshi agriculture in light of the most recent thinking on economic development and the environment. It both analyzes the experience during the last five decades and discusses the major issues and challenges with special emphasis on the prospects for sustainable agricultural development in the future. The authors emphasize the importance of distributional aspects of environmental change and development in relation to employment and poverty and also focus on gender issues - often ignored in traditional theory. Many of the issues that arise in Bangladesh in connection with the agricultural-development nexus are not unique to the country. Parallels exist elsewhere in the developing world andas such Bangladesh is useful as an example from which to draw conclusions about much of the developing world. Environment and Agriculture in a Developing Economy will therefore be of particular interest to developmental and...
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