Обложка книги European Industrial Relations: Irj Annual Review 1999/2000

European Industrial Relations: Irj Annual Review 1999/2000


ISBN: 0631222456; 9780631222453;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Страниц: 232

The growing importance of developments in European employment and industrial relations - especially in the EU and its member states but also including Central and Eastern European countries - is reflected in this new, authoritative Annual Review. The Review is edited and written by a team of leading European experts who identify and comment upon the more significant trends and developments in the relationship between employers, trade unions and employees, employment and employment law - including the impact of changes in the law upon UK law. There are additional contributions from eminent political scientists and economists sensitive to the relationship between changing political and economic contexts and change in industrial relations and employment. The authors, writing in a lucid accessible style, not only discuss current issues and developments but also provide an informed, longer term perspective to appeal to a wide ranging readership of employers, trade union officials,...

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