Обложка книги Fat Cats and Running Dogs

Fat Cats and Running Dogs


ISBN: 1567512186;
Издательство: Common Courage Press

From the author of two Village Voice books of the year comes a ruthless expose of the raptors at Enron. Behind the screams over workers? disappearing pensions, disappearing jobs, and disappearing CEO responsibility lies a bigger story: What Enron has done to the world. Included is "A Manual for Corporate Terrestrial Conquest," complete with juicy tips for imperialist globalization. Learn how to fix prices using ADM as a model; how to enlist the henchmen of the imperial state (such as the CIA?seconomic espionage division and USAID, as Enron has done); and how to use terrorism and the drug war to push for more corporate control as Enron did in Colombia. Prashad shows we have come full-circle, back to the imperialism practiced by the East IndiaCompany from 1600-1857. Even as Enron collapsed, Enronism is the new normal, a new level of criminality. Criminality perfected by Enron.