Обложка книги Fixing Capitalism

Fixing Capitalism

ISBN: 1401048412;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation

Modern capitalism has two well-known flaws. First, it is unstable, with the threat of inflation and recession lurking around every policy corner. Second, it is inefficient at meeting everyone?s needs because the economy can only produce what the money supply allows people to purchase, which is a lot less than people need. We have the technology to do so much more but the money does not exist to make it happen. This new book, Fixing Capitalism, proposes to fix these flaws by using technology, instead of money, to mediate exchanges between businesses and consumers. While the supply of money is limited, information is unlimited, and it can mediate an infinite number of exchanges. Producers can then use as many resources as our environment can provide to meet the needs of people all around the planet. The author, Jonathan Carr, has created a new kind of capitalism that weaves together five recently-developed technologies to measure supply and demand, measure the success or...