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P. J. Boon, B. R. Davies, Geoffrey E. Petts, Bryan Davies

Global Perspectives in River Conservation

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ISBN: 0471960624
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Throughout the world, river conservation is becoming an increasingly important concern. In arid regions, for instance, rivers often form the only water resource for human sustenance: indeed, the World Bank has predicted that future wars will be about water. In many parts of the developing world, rivers are used as repositories for waste, and river ecosystems consequently reflect the worst excesses of human exploitation. In the industrialised nations, the focus of attention is beginning to move from chemical clean-up to restoring the structural damage to rivers caused by decades of river engineering. Recognition is growing that river management needs a catchment-wide perspective if the needs of human populations, river habitats and wildlife are to reach asustainable balance. The development of river conservation strategies has become a global imperative. Global Perspectives on River Conservation is the first book that provides a truly global synthesis of knowledge on river...