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James M. Klotz

Going Global? Power Tools for Negotiating International Business Deals

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ISBN: 096857260X
Издательство: Global Business Press Inc.
This easy to read book has been written as a nuts and bolts guide to negotiating the key terms in any international transaction. Only the most sophisticated or battle-hardened have a grasp of the key issues to be negotiated as part of striking the deal. There is often only one good chance to strike the bargain. But, you must know what to ask for, what to counter with, and what to offer up as a reasonable compromise. That is how deals get done. Without knowing the terms that make the best international deal, you will still end up with a deal - it just will not be the best you could have negotiated. There are many topics to negotiate and each sub-chapter is worthy of a legal treatise. However, legal treatises are not always practical guides. This book is for doing business. It is intended to be the handbook to read before the negotiation. Use it to strike the bargain, to support your firm stand or to help find your compromise.