Обложка книги India and the Wto (World Bank Trade and Development Series)

India and the Wto (World Bank Trade and Development Series)


ISBN: 0821354108;
Издательство: World Bank Office of the Publisher

This book is designed to clarify India's interests in the World Trade Organization's Doha Development Agenda and to provide a blueprint for its strategy in multilateral negotiations. The focus is on facilitating domestic and external policy reforms that can serve to bolster India's participation in the multilateral trading system and to enhance the effectiveness of India's trade and related policies in achieving developmental goals. Individual chapters address the economic effects on India of the Uruguay Round negotiations and the prospective Doha Agenda negotiations; the implications of the abolition of the Multifibre Agreement; services issues and liberalization; telecommunications policy reforms; foreign direct investment; intellectual property rights; competition policy; government procurement; standards and technical barriers; trade and environment; and finally, a comprehensive analysis of the major issues coupled with concrete proposals to guide India's participation in the...

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