Обложка книги Money Makes the World Go Around

Money Makes the World Go Around

ISBN: 0142000507;
Издательство: Penguin Books

What does it really mean to live in a world united by, and immersed in, the free flow of capital? In Money Makes the World Go Around , Barbara Garson sets out to see for herself, and the result is a hilarious and instructive gallop through international finance in today's post-industrial economy. Depositing two sums of money-one in a small-town bank, the other in an aggressive mutual fund-Garson tracks her money's every stop as it races around the world for loans, speculation, and investments. Along the way, she talks to people who touch, use, or are touched by her money. Part detective story, part business report, this is a primer on today's dizzying economic dynamic and a surprising account of modern life. "Ms. Garson recounts her travels with a disarmingly balanced combination of amazement and social concern." ( The Wall Street Journal ) "[Garson's] voice is so persistently good-natured and her intelligence so obvious that by the end of this...