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Photonic Crystal Fibres

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ISBN: 140207610X;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 316

Optical fibres have for almost three decades been fabricated of solid glass. It was, therefore, a radical change that took place, when researchers in the late 90's started to fabricate hair-thin optical fibres with numerous microscopic air holes running along the length of the fibres. These microstructured fibres did not only mark the introduction of tailored materials with unique spectral properties in fibre optics, but it also opened the perspective of the applicability of photonic bandgap materials at optical wavelengths. In this respect, a completely new guiding mechanism was demonstrated, and a revolution in fibre optics had started. describes the fundamental properties of these new optical waveguides, outlines how they are fabricated, and how they are treated from a theoretical and numerical point of view. A detailed description of the different classes of photonic crystal fibres is given, and a spectrum of different applications and new fibre...

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