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Mitchell Alexander Orenstein

Out of the Red : Building Capitalism and Democracy in Postcommunist Europe

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ISBN: 047206746X
Издательство: UMP
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the countries of East-Central Europe embarked on a journey to transform themselves into democratic capitalist societies. Their governments searched for strategies that would allow them to pursue radical market reforms within the context of nascent democratic politics. Poland adopted a neoliberal strategy that attempted to push through as much reform as possible before an antireform backlash could occur. In the Czech Republic, a social liberal strategy for transformation attempted to combine neoliberal macro-economic policies with social democratic measures designed to avert such a backlash. A detailed analysis of Poland and the Czech Republic suggests that alternation between strategies has been the secret to the success of East-Central European countries. This comparative case analysis identifies the significance of reform mistakes during transition and the corrective benefits of policy alternation, its claims...
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