Обложка книги Preparing for Electronic Commerce in Asia

Preparing for Electronic Commerce in Asia

ISBN: 1567202063;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Just as the crash of 1929 did not presage the downfall of the United States, neither will the economic crisis of 1997 mean the end of the rise of Asia and the Pacific Rim. Leading them out of a temporary setback, says Bullis, will be the new high-tech sectors of their economies: information services, communication technology, and electronic delivery systems such as e-commerce and e-business. His book is thus a non-technical look at the state of information technology (IT) and how people in the emerging Asia marketplace are thinking about it, especially in places like Singapore and Malaysia, the only two countries in the region pursuing the sorts of large-scale information infrastructure projects that will eventually determine the region's long term commerce in IT. Not a state of the technology book but a "state of the mindset book," it offers businesspeople worldwide an important understanding of this vast and burgeoning market for their products and services, insights that will help...