Обложка книги Redesigning Asian Business: In the Aftermath of Crisis

Redesigning Asian Business: In the Aftermath of Crisis

ISBN: 1567205259;
Издательство: Quorum Books

With much of the "Asian Miracle" destroyed and much of the Western world's awe for Asian ways of managment dissipated, organizations in East Asia are changing with such speed that most of our knowledge about them becomes quickly outdated. Richter takes stock of East Asian management practices, as they are perceived so far, and he discusses the strategies proposed by others to help Asian management redesign itself for the future--including a long-term agenda for change based on the cultural heritage of Confucianism. He shows how Asian firms adjusted to the Asian economic crisis and how a hybrid style of management is emerging, one which combines elements of Western and Eastern thinking. The result is a challenging, intensely pragmatic analysis for corporate decision makers at all levels, in all countries and cultures, and it is a necessary new stone in the foundation of academic research and thought.