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Alec Cairncross

The British Economy Since 1945: Economic Policy and Performance, 1945-1995 (Making Contemporary Britain Series)

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ISBN: 0631199616, 9780631199618
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
In this fully revised and updated second edition, Sir Alec Cairncross provides a lucid overview and analysis of British economic policy and performance from 1945 to the present. The author takes a chronological approach, introducing the events of the period with an account of changing ideas on economic policy and performance, discussing key concepts such as economic planning, demand management, inflation and monetarism. He concludes with a survey of major developments over the period. This new editionalso provides revised chapter-by-chapter guides to further reading and an up-to-date chronology of the main economic events since 1945. The British Economy Since 1945 will be essential reading for students of post-war British economic history, political science and public administration - as well as for economics students focusing on the British economy. In addition, it provides the general reader with an easily accessible guide to the subject.