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Joshua Karliner

The Corporate Planet: Ecology and Politics in the Age of Globalization

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ISBN: 0871564343, 9780871564344
Издательство: Sierra Club Books
The Corporate Planet brilliantly exposes the elaborate efforts of the giant corporations to "greenwash" themselves, and it demonstrates how they are using free trade agreements and World Bank loans to build a world order where they are accountableonly to themselves. From Tokyo, where Mitsubishi processes rain forest logs from around the world, to a polluting Chevron oil refinery in California, to India, China, and Brazil, where global chemical companies are setting up shop, Joshua Karliner takes us on a stunning world tour. Here is a fascinating account of corporate greed and the unexpected powers of local activist to combat. "The intensity and importance of The Corporate Planet comes from the passion and the skill with which it opens us to a vision of how dangerous to the future of our globe is global capitalism itself."--Norman Mailer
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