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Laura Ingraham

The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places

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ISBN: 1893554651
Издательство: Encounter Books
Hillary Rodham Clinton has been held up as a role model for all women: a career woman who is also a devoted wife and mother, a pro-family feminist, and a child of the 1960s who embodies her generation's dreams of self-reliance and success. Her heart is in the right place, some say, and she stands up for her beliefs whether it wins her friends or enemies. In The Hillary Trap , journalist and commentator Laura Ingraham turns her razor-sharp critical eye to this accepted wisdom about Hillary--and finds gaping holes. While, to many, Hillary represents the archetypal strong woman at the forefront of her career, scratch the surface of that success and you'll find a victim--a woman who symbolizes not personal triumph, but compromise, concession, and her own Faustian bargain for power. If anything, Hillary's mix of opportunism, acquiescence, and dependency sets women back, rather than leading them forward. This, in a nutshell, is the "Hillary Trap": the subtle and self-deceptive ways in...
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