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Stijn Claessens, Marion Jansen

The Internationalization of Financial Services - Issues and Lessons for Developing Countries

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ISBN: 9041198172
Издательство: Aspen Pub
The internationalization of financial services is an important issue for the strengthening and liberalizing of financial systems in developing countries. There has been considerable support for the view that internationalization can assist countries in building financial systems that are more stable and efficient by introducing international standards and practices. At the same time, there have been concerns about the risks that internationalization may carry for some countries, particularly in the absence of adequate regulatory structures. The chapters in this book examine different aspects of this debate, the relative benefits and costs of internationalization, and together provide an insight into the diversity and significance of the effects of internationalization on domestic financial systems. The collection of papers includes discussion on: + the EU experience of internationalization; + the political economy of internationalization; + the legal/regulatory...