Обложка книги The Regulation of International Trade

The Regulation of International Trade

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ISBN: 0415184983;
Издательство: Routledge

The Regulation of International Trade introduces the rules and institutions that govern international trade. Michael J. Trebilcock and Robert Howse examine the theory and functions of international institutions and blocs including GATT, USFTA, NAFTA and the EC and also examine current difficulties in global trade. This book also includes a comparative discussion of internal rules for the application of trade remedies to dumping and subsidies in Canada, the USA and the EC. The authors examine how trading disputes which result from protectionism are settled. Individual chapters focus on exchange rates, trade in agricultural products, trade in services, trade and development and international labor mobility. The Regulation of International Trade also covers some of the emerging issues, including investment measures, intellectual property rights and the environment. Throughout, the insights of classic and contemporary economics and political economy are related to...

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