Обложка книги These Eternal Truths

These Eternal Truths


ISBN: 0971569509;
Издательство: Argonath Pr

The human spirit has a longing to know of a God who loves them. In a world filled with the uncertainties of suffering and sorrow there is always a need for hope in a better future. Hope that the God of the universe will continue to sustain us in our timeof need. For the past four thousand years Judeo-Christianity has been the sustaining faith that has renewed hope both in the ancient and modern world. Through this system of beliefs, handed down from generation to generation, mankind has found a scientifically sound foundation for successful living. Each generation searches anew for the rational yet divinely inspired ideas that give life meaning and ultimately yield happiness. These Eternal Truths establishes the link between faith in God and his promise of abundance that all seek in their daily lives. If these truths are interwoven into the very fabric of ordinary life, extraordinary results will follow. Those who read this book will realize through their own understanding...