Обложка книги Trade--The Engine of Growth in East Asia

Trade--The Engine of Growth in East Asia


ISBN: 0195078950;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

The New Industrializing Countries (NICs) of the Pacific Basin--Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore--differ in many ways such as their languages, cultures, political and economic systems. What is interesting is what economic characteristic they hold in common. Each has succeeded in defying in what Chow and Kellman define as a "vicious circle of poverty" following World War II. They provide a comprehensive analysis of the economic factors which fueled the "engine of growth." The authors combine adetailed body of empirical data with an unusually broad theoretical framework to highlight the factors in each industry and market which contributed to the success of these countries. The work examines and forecasts potential competition from the surrounding geographic area in specific markets. It contrasts the development of the NICs with Japan, with "next tier NICs," and with each other in markets, including those of the United States and the forthcoming united Europe. Using modern...