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The World Bank

World Bank Atlas 2000

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ISBN: 0821345524
Издательство: Oxford University Press
The 32nd edition of this handy and inexpensive atlas provides easy-to-read world maps, tables, and graphs highlighting key social, economic, and environmental data for the world's economies. This year's Atlas has been updated and improved with new material taken from World Development Indicators 2000 (WDI). The Atlas draws data from the WDI and complements them with charts and maps. Economic data includes the gross national product (GNP), the shares of exports, agriculture, and investment in gross domestic product (GDP). Social data are provided on life expectancy, infant mortality, female labor, child malnutrition, girls' school enrollment, access to safe water, and private consumption per capita growth rate. Environmental data are presented on land area, forest coverage, water use, energy consumption, and CO2 emission. The book also includes an update on progress toward the development goals for the 21st century.
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