Обложка книги World Competitiveness Yearbook 1999

World Competitiveness Yearbook 1999

ISBN: 2970012138;
Издательство: IMD, International Institute for Management Development

The World's leading analysis on the competitiveness of nations, it is an invaluable tool for investment decisions and research. It uses an extensive and unique network of 33 Partner Institutes around the world provide us with first hand information on their countries. They also ensure that the sample of local experts to whom a survey is sent is representative of their business community. The business community uses it to assess national environments. In an open and global world, location is very important for companies. They need to reassess or choose new locations all the time. The WCY is used as a key input in their decision making. The government community uses it to benchmark its policy success and to see how other nations perform. The academic world uses it to understand and analyze how nations (and not only enterprises) compete on world markets.

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