Обложка книги World Economics Issues at the United Nations

World Economics Issues at the United Nations


ISBN: 0792374754;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

World Economic Issues at the United Nations: Half a Century of Debate attempts an objective analysis of the discussions in the policy forums of the United Nations on the major issues in the world economy over the past half a century. The book opens with a brief survey of the world economy since the Second World War. The following chapter presents a bird's-eye view of the issues discussed as well as a perspective on each of the issues. Starting with the issues of growth and stability in industrial countries, the study goes on to present discussions on the evolving issues of development of less developed countries. The volume devotes a substantial chapter on the efforts at establishment of the new international economic order. The more mundane matters of food needs of developing countries and their pervasive poverty are not lost sight of. Discussions on other major issues of interest and concern to developing countries, such as those of primary commodities, and the crisis of external...