Обложка книги Historical Atlas of the Napolenoic Era

Historical Atlas of the Napolenoic Era

ISBN: 1904668046;
Издательство: Mercury Books
Страниц: 192

The French Revolution sent shockwaves through Europe, as the continent’s monarchs tried to stamp out the tide of republicanism. France was surrounded by enemies but fought them off, largely through the achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Republic’s youngest general. Within a decade he had become Consul, First Consul, and finally Emperor, creating a new dynasty and a new order in Europe. From 1803 until 1809 he seemed unbeatable, vanquishing his foes one after another, but his invasion of Russia in 1812 proved disastrous and he faced a growing coalition of enemy powers. His defeat at the Battle of Waterloo marked the close of the Napoleonic era, but not the end of the Napoleonic legend. This book charts Napoleon’s rise and fall and analyses the weaponry and rival armies that were to transform 19th Century Europe.