Обложка книги Marketing Outrageously

Marketing Outrageously

ISBN: 1-885167-50-4;
Издательство: Bard Press
Страниц: 256

Have you ever known a company to be in trouble because of too much money coming in? Of course not. The best way of beefing up the bottom line is to feed the top line. Jon Spoelstra, one of America's top sports marketers, offers provocative ideas that will help boost both your top and bottom line. Jon's 17 Ground Rules will show you how to: Think differently about Marketing Outrageously and understand why it's the safest way to go; Use Jon's famous "rubber chicken" method to get people going down the slippery slope to sales success; Scoop cream off the top that will impact both your top and bottom lines; Differentiate yourself from your competitors; Use the big question "What's It Going to Take?" to challenge the thinking of those you work with - and to dramatically increase sales. This book is not just for sales and marketing folks - it's for anyone who influences the course and attitude...

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