Обложка книги Agriculture and the State: Market Processes and Bureaucracy

Agriculture and the State: Market Processes and Bureaucracy

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ISBN: 0945999291;
Издательство: Independent Institute

Here is an irreverent, insightful view of U.S. farm programs, clearly separating political rhetoric from economic reality. Analyzing the effects of price supports, marketing orders, credit and export subsidies, and other farm programs, Professor Pasour shows how they especially hurt the small farmer and victimize the general public. He also exposes current farm policies as being responsible for high food prices and the widening destruction of the environment. This book sets forth how only through abolishing the gravy train of farm subsidies and other special privileges will American consumers find relief and American agriculture achieve significant economic progress. Despite record expenditures, government farming programs have not solved the "farm problem." However, farm programs still command powerful political support. This book is a hard-hitting analysis of how farm programs have mainly benefitted large corporate farming interests at the expense of small farmers and the...