Обложка книги Econometrics, Vol. 3: Economic Growth in the Information Age

Econometrics, Vol. 3: Economic Growth in the Information Age


ISBN: 0262100940; 9780262100946;
Издательство: MIT Press
Страниц: 450

The relentless decline in the prices of information technology (IT) has steadily enhanced the role of IT investment as a source of economic growth in the United States. Productivity growth in IT-producing industries has gradually risen in importance, anda productivity revival has taken place in the rest of the economy. In this book Dale Jorgenson shows that IT provides the foundation for the resurgence of American economic growth. Information technology rests in turn on the development and deployment of semiconductors--transistors, storage devices, and microprocessors. The semiconductor and IT industries are global in scope, with an elaborate international division of labor. This poses important questions about the American growth resurgence. For example, where is the evidence of the "new economy" in other leading industrialized nations? To address this question, Jorgenson compares the recent growth performance in the G7 countries--Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,...

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