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Monique Florenzano

General Equilibrium Analysis: Existence and Optimality Properties of Equilibria

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ISBN: 140207512X
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
General Equilibrium Analysis is a systematic exposition of the Walrasian model of economic equilibrium with a finite number of agents, as formalized by Arrow, Debreu and McKenzie at the beginning of the fifties and since then extensively used, worked andstudied. Existence and optimality of general equilibrium are developed repeatedly under different sets of hypothesis which define some general settings and delineate different approaches to the general equilibrium existence problem. The final chapter is devoted to the extension of the general equilibrium model to economies defined on an infinite dimensional commodity space. The objective of General Equilibrium Analysis is to give to each problem in each framework the most general solution, at least for the present state of art. The intended readers are graduate students, specialists and researchers in economics, especially in mathematical economics. The book is appropriate as a class text, or for self-study.
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