Обложка книги Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics

Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics


ISBN: 0824701291;
Издательство: Marcel Dekker
Страниц: 640

Highlighting the interface between applied economics and statistics, this one-of-a-kind resource examines important theoretical issues as well as practical developments in statistical inference related to economic models and analysis. Emphasizing the most recent research in the field, the "Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics" reviews the use of economic statistics to make social welfare comparisons and measure inequality suggests new tools for analyzing poor regions in growing economies proposes a novel method for recovering the unknown parameters in simultaneous equations' models introduces a more powerful way to conduct the most commonly used variable addition test presents a set of inference methods for comparing and pooling information obtained from different data sets shows how smooth transition regression models can be applied to problems in time series econometrics furnishes statistical models that forecast economic time series with seasonal variations and much more! ...