Обложка книги Mathematics for Economists: An Integrated Approach

Mathematics for Economists: An Integrated Approach

ISBN: 0521287693; 9780521287692;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

The responses to questions such as 'What is the explanation for changes in the unemployment rate?' frequently involve the presentation of a mathematical relationship, a function that relates one set of variables to another set of variables. It should become apparent that as one's understanding of functions, relationships, and variables becomes richer and more detailed, one's ability to provide explanations for economic phenomena becomes stronger and more sophisticated. The author believes that a student's intuition should be involved in the study of mathematical techniques in economics and that this intuition develops not so much from solving problems as from visualizing them. Thus the author avoids the definition-theorem-proof style in favor of a structure that encourages the student's geometric intuition of the mathematical results. The presentation of real numbers and functions emphasizes the notion of linearity. Consequently, linear algebra and matrix analysis are integrated into...

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