Обложка книги Measurement Error and Latent Variables in Econometrics

Measurement Error and Latent Variables in Econometrics


ISBN: 044488100X; 9780444881007;
Издательство: North-Holland
Страниц: 454

Hardbound. The book first discusses in depth various aspects of the well-known inconsistency that arises when explanatory variables in a linear regression model are measured with error. Despite this inconsistency, the region where the true regression coeffecients lies can sometimes be characterized in a useful way, especially when bounds are known on the measurement error variance but also when such information is absent. Wage discrimination with imperfect productivity measurement is discussed as an important special case. Next, it is shown that the inconsistency is not accidental but fundamental. Due to an identification problem, no consistent estimators may exist at all. Additional information is desirable. This information can be of various types. One type is exact prior knowledge about functions of the parameters. This leads to the CALS estimator. Another major type is in the form of instrumental variables. Many aspects of this are discussed, inc

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